Amateur Radio Celebrating The Universe

Two amateur radio events are scheduled in mid-February to celebrate an astronomer who mapped the universe and an astronomer who discovered a planet.

Feb 11-12 at AARC

February 11 - Amateur License Testing by the Laurel VE team. Registration starts between 12:00 and 12:15 PM. Testing at 1:00.

February 12 - Open Shack, noon to 4 pm.

Open Shack - February 5, 2023

There will be an Open Shack on Sunday, February 5, 2023 between 12:00 and 4:00 pm.

Open Shack offers the members the opportunity to use the club's radios where they may not have the ability to operate from their home QTH due to HOA covenants or difficulties setting up antennas.

Special Event Stations - February 2023

Attached are the special event stations for February. The AARC re-sorts the ARRL listing by type to facilitate those searching for particular types of contacts.

Good hunting.  

Website issues

We are experiencing a problem with the website regarding some membership transactions. 

You must be logged in for annual renewals. New or restored memberships (not currently having a login), please contact the membership secretary directly at

Appointment of new MDC Section Manager

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our ARRL Maryland/DC Section has a new manager, Chris Van Winkle AB3WG.  You will recognize Chris as an assistant Section Manager for MD/DC for some time.  Marty Pittinger, KB3MXM, our recent SM has been elevated to Vice Director of the Atlantic Division.  You likely heard about this from my friend Tom Abernethy, W3TOM, our recently retired Atlantic division director.  Tom and I both knew that Marty was right for Atlantic and that he would be a tough act to follow as an SM.  But Chris is up to that job, we are sure.

ARRL VHF Contest at the clubhouse

Ike and Abie, AB1F will be operating the ARRL VHF contest from the Club house from 2 to 4 PM on Saturday 1/21 and Sunday 1/22 afternoons.  They will be on  6, 2, 222, 440 and 1296 bands on SSB and CW using Ike's secondary call of K3ZQ.  Anyone who is interested should stop by and participate.

Ike is also planning to be at the Club house, as needed, to help members with their HF radios.  Just contact him at to set up a time to meet.

US Service Academies and Amateur Radio

The Service Academies Radio Group (SARG) was recently formed for alumni and amateur radio operators who are interested in the five U.S military academies.

William Curry, W5CQ, founder and net control operator for the SARG Net, said two months ago there was a new interest in forming a group and net. He noticed that only one military academy, West Point, W2KGY, was still operating a club station. At one time, every military academy had an operating club station.

Orlando HamCation

Who's ready for the SECOND LARGEST annual gathering of radio amateurs in the world??

OrlandoHamCation kicks off officially in a month, February 10-12, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park in Orlando, Florida.
Purchase your ticket now:

We'd love to hear your HamCation stories of the past and if you plan on attending this year's convention!

ARRL Facebook page

Morris "Ed" Edgar Brown Jr., Silent Key

Morris "Ed" Edgar Brown Jr.
June 4, 1939- December 16, 2022 Upper Marlboro

Maj. MORRIS "Ed" EDGAR BROWN, JR (Age 83) U.S. Army (ret.) passed away at his home on Friday, December 16, 2022 in Upper Marlboro, MD, after a long battle with COPD. He was an officer and a gentleman. 

2022 Service Awards

The work of many people contribute to the success of the Anne Arundel Radio Club. Those who have helped make 2022 a success are noted in the attachment. The colors are stickers to be added to their service badge.

January 2023 Special Event Stations

Enclosed are the special event stations for January. The AARC sorts them first by theme, then date for those specializing in certain types of themes. Good luck in your QSL searches.

Bill to eliminate private land use restrictions for ham operators

Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-6) introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R.9670) on Thursday, December 22, 2022, to eliminate private land use restrictions that prohibit, restrict, or impair the ability of an Amateur Radio Operator from operating and installing amateur station antennas on property subject to the control of the Amateur Radio Operator.


attention, urgent - due to COVID19 infections among the members of the Swedish team, the long-awaited SAQ transmission for December 24, 2022 at 08.00 UTC, will not be there ... we wish a good recovery and Happy Holidays to the whole team anyway.

Amateurs to be involved in Asteroid Bounce Experiment

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will be conducting a research campaign/experiment on December 27, 2022, with transmissions between 1100 - 2300 UTC (0200 - 1400 AKST).

Legislation introduced for digital bandwidth limit

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 9664) on December 21, 2022, to require that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) replace the current HF digital symbol rate limit with a 2.8 kHz bandwidth limit.

Amateur Extra Class

A free, weekly, live, Amateur Radio Extra Class Licensing course on Zoom will begin on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and will run through Thursday, March 23.  There will be 11 sessions.  The three-hour sessions will start at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.  Sessions will be recorded.  Those attending should hold (or be studying for) the General Class Amateur Radio License.  These are the classes that we have been holding for years sponsored by the National Electronics Museum.  Please publicize this with anyone that you think would be interested.  Those wishing to sign up should email

Santa on the Air

As Christmas approaches, many amateur radio clubs carry out an annual tradition of helping kids talk directly to Santa Claus while he is still at the North Pole before his big ride.

Radio Amateur Code

The Radio Amateur Operator

...He/[She] never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

...He/[She] offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs,
local clubs, the IARU Radio Society in his/[her] country, through which
Amateur Radio in his/[her] country is represented nationally and

Maryland Mobileers Donation

As noted in the December newsletter, the Annapolis Striders donated $2,500.00 to the club as a thank you for providing communications support for their events.

As a thank you to the Maryland Mobileers who helped with the events the AARC Board of Directors voted unanimously at their December 8 meeting to send $500.00 to the Mobileers.