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The Bylaws of the Anne Arundel Radio Club require that a ‘waiver’ be signed as a requirement for Membership.  Typically this ‘waiver’ is part of all Renewal and Application forms approved by the Board for club use.  However, while a ‘waiver’ should be signed by all adult club members, typically there is only one line where a signature is required on a Renewal or Application form. 

Therefore this form was created, and is available to be downloaded from our web site by clicking here. Each adult member, who’s signature does not appear on Application or Renewal Forms should sign a separate waiver.  If new adults are added then additional ‘Waiver’ forms must be completed before the individual can be added to the Family Membership.  If a Family Member passes their 18th birthday, they will have 90 days to sign such a form, in order to prevent them being removed from the Family Membership. 

Only Once
Our ‘Waiver’ need only be signed once.  That is to say that on subsequent renewals it will not be needed as the original agreement to the ‘waiver’ remains in effect.  Those under 18 need not sign such a document as their parent or guardian has already signed such an agreement.  

If your Call Sign, class of license, email address, or a phone number should change, or the call sign, class of license, email address, or a phone number of any minor children on your membership should change, please notify the club Secretary or Membership Secretary.  Since none of you are required to re-sign this agreement yearly, you are responsible to notify the Anne Arundel Radio Club so the official roster may be kept up to date.   

Mail the completed form to the Anne Arundel Radio Club to:

PO Box 308
Davidsonville, MD 21035

Hand Delivery
You may also deliver your completed form, in person, to the Secretary of the Anne Arundel Radio Club at any Membership or Board Meeting. 

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You may click here to view or download a copy of this form.

Bylaw Required Waiver

(To be used by adult members who are not signed to the primary Family Membership.)

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