Antenna Tuner Group Postponed

I was unable to get the supply of #14 wire needed to continue with the Antenna Tuner Coils today.   Due to my morning plans, I will be unable to get the wood necessary to proceed with an alternate section of the construction of these devices today.  Therefore, today's meeting of the Antenna Tuner Group for Field Day will be postponed till Next Sunday, February 4, 2018.  I hope some of you will take advantage of the extra weekend time to participate in Winter Field Day.

Sad News for All

Tony Young (WA3YLO) has become a Silent Key.  Tony's wife Elaine called Dick Maio (WW3R) with the news that Tony had passed away early Sunday evening around 7:30pm.  I hope everyone will keep Tony in their prayers.  More details as they become available.

APRS visits the Workshop

On Sunday, January 28th the Kit Building and Troubeshooting Workshop has invited Gordon Davids, WJ3K to speak on the topic of setting up an operational APRS station.  You are invited. 


TNC-PI attached to a Raspberry Pi Computer