Winter Field Day

Update for 2021: you can add "Anne Arundel Radio Club" on your log submission under "Club:".   See the rules at  

Before We Start let me say this is the perfect event for the ham wanna-be, the new Technician or new General. Its simple, its easy, you'll have control operators so this is all legal, and you will learn how to operate an HF ham radio station in minutes.  Come on.  What do you have to lose!. 

The Basics Winter Field Day occurs in late January, yearly, sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association. Follow this link for details and the complete rules for the event.

Countdown to Winter Field Day

The ARRL's remarks concerning the event cand be found at, the ARRL and Winter Field Day.

Indoors at the Club House Though many stations involved like to rough it, and try operating outdoors during the last full weekend in January, the Anne Arundel Radio Club has done all its competing so far from the fully heated environment of the AARC Club House. We will do so again at the 2020 event. This puts us in the "Home" category.

Winter Field Day participant sign-up

Date/Time/Bands/Modes Winter Field Day is a 24 hour long event, from Saturday, January 28th, 2023, 2pm EST (1900 UTC) to Sunday, January 29th, 2023, 2pm EST (1900 UTC). All bands may be used, except 12, 17, 30 and 60 meters which prohibit contesting.  All modes are available. There are even suggested CW and SSB frequencies.

Category/Class Our entry category will be "Home" as we will be operating from inside a structure normally used for holding an Amateur Radio Station. Our class will depend on the highest number of stations we can have in operation simultaneously during the contest. Though plans are underway to expand our club house capabilities to four operating stations, it is most likely that we will be using two or three stations this year depending on antennas available..

Contest Exchange/Logging/Training Our 2022 contest exchange will likely be '2H' or "3H" this year. It is our goal to have two operators per station at times, with one operating the transceiver, and the other logging contacts using N1MM+ contest logging software. Like all AARC contests we will have people on hand who will be more than glad to train new operators and loggers in those facets of the hobby. So if you are new to ham radio, we'd love to have your participate. We mean it!

You Are Invited To Participate You don't have to be present for all 24 hours. If you have an hour to spend, come by the club house and operate for that hour. We will work you in. Remember our goal is to have a good time. It is not to win contests!