Course Preregistration

The following question is being asked so we can provide you with access to our Training Google Drive. The method of granting such access depends on whether you have a Google Account of any kind, or not.

Before you make your course selection(s), you need to know there are three classes of amateur radio license that you can receive, Technician, General and Amateur Extra.  To receive a Technician license you must pass the FCC Element 2 exam.  To receive a General license you must pass Elements 2 and 3, and to become an Extra you must pass Elements 2, 3 and 4.  So it is best to start with a Technician class first, and work your way up.  Morse Code is rather an optional skill that will increase your ability to communicate.  But like learning a musical instrument it takes a lot of time an practice, but once learned is something you'll have for life.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we held all classes via Zoom for obvious reasons.  Though we have use of our club house at present, new variants to the COVID-19 are always a possibility.  So everyone who plans to take any of our 2022 course should be equipped and ready to participate using Zoom. 

Saturday or Sunday Technician and General classes will be held 1:30pm till 5:00pm and will be held on 6 weekends, skipping conflicts with holidays and possibly weekends with club house conflicts as well.  Also due to a conflict we will hold the October 23rd class on Zoom only.  Should we hold a Morse Code class, it will most likely be 4, one hour sessions per week, 6pm-7pm with the same new letters being featured at all 4 classes.  This is done because we realize that not everyone will be able to attend all classes, and we do not want missing one class to cause anyone to drop out.  The duration of our Morse Code classes are always indefinite, as it depends on the progress and enthusiasm of our students.  Morse Code is a wonderful tool for the ham radio operator.  But its a bit like learning a musical instrument.  It takes time, know how, and a whole lot of practice.  We can't make you practice, but this course will give you the know how to get started. 

Meanwhile we will be offering an Amateur Extra Class for the very first time this summer.  We are currently in process of creating materials needed to present this class to you.  It will be held week nights, Mondays from 6:30pm till 9:00pm and will be held on 12 consecutive Mondays.  As we continue to develop or presentation for this course, adjustments may be necessary.  The goal is to cover all relevant topics, and every single test question, while making the class fun and interesting.  Since the course is brand new to us, we will be looking for your feedback.  Please help us make this an effective and interesting course by letting us know what we did right, and what we did wrong.  We are counting on you.        

At present it we are unable to use our club house for in-person versions of our classes.  If this should change rest assured we will continue to make all classes available on Zoom.   As early as this fall we hope be able make them available in-person as well.  Our goal is to eventually make all classes and club meetings available both in-person and via Zoom, and provide the same high quality experience in both venues.  Watch this web site for details. 

I therefore suggest you plan to view all classes via Zoom, so you are prepared regardless.  If this changes we will email you notice of same.  The bottom line is that one way or possibly two ways, our classes will be available to you.    

Our original plan was to teach all classes from our club house, while simultaneously making them all available on Zoom. Due to the present state of the pandemic, until further notice all classes will be held only via Zoom.