Net Control Schedule for AARC Networks

Net Control is provided by the Anne Arundel Radio Club for the three networks listed below.  The  calendar that follows will list the call sign and first name of those assigned as Net Controllers for those networks, as well as holidays that may affect network schedules.

This Listing consists of 2-3 letter network identifier (HN, WNN, or ATD) followed by the call sign and first name of the assigned Net Control Operator. 

(HN) The Holly Net is now the official name of the Anne Arundel Radio Club's former Morning Net, named in honor of Margaret "Holly" Bevan (N3MB).  Now a silent key, "Holly" was our beloved control operator for over 30 years.  The Holly Net runs weekdays from 7am to 9am.

(WNN) The Wednesday Night Net is the official name of the Anne Arundel Radio Club's network, held every Wednesday night, excepting holidays, at 8:00pm.   It is open to anyone but was specifically designed to be a mid-week one line meeting of the club. 

(ATD) All Things Digital is a network specializing in anything related to ham radio of a digital nature.  That covers digital formats for data and audio, and digital devices used in by hams.  This net meets Tuesday nights at 8:00pm and like our other nets, is open to the public.

Dave Grimes K3HRT manages all three net control schedules and can be reached at, or