The New 2019 Board of Directors

The election is history.  The members of the new 2019 Board of Directors are:

President:  Keith Miller (AE3D)
Vice President:  Tim Nagel (KB3YQK)
Secretary:  Steven Grimaud (W3SWG)
Treasurer:  Will Mooney (KA3UQQ)
Director:  Larry Booth (AA3AU)
Director:  Eric Berman (KC3GDV)
Director:  Bernarr Coletta (KC3KFD)

Party On

The Anne Arundel Radio Club's annual holiday party is set for Friday, December 14th in Ford Hall just down the hill from the club house at the DFRC.  This year the Holiday Party is just like always, only better.  Ham and turkey will be provided by the club, along with soft drinks, and members are asked to bring a side dish or desert to share.  The doors open at 5:30pm with dinner served around 6:00pm. 

FrostFest Anyone?


February 2nd is the date for the 2019 Frostfest, the Mid-Atlantic's biggest hamfest in Richmond.  But it is about a 2 hour drive.  Why not take the Bus?  The AARC is planning a bus trip to the event, and you don't have to be an AARC member to join us.  Interested?. Want to know more?

APRS Repeater in Davidsonville

John Williams (K8JW) and Gordong Davids (WJ3K) installed and set up the Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS) Digipeater at the AARC clubhouse Friday 26 October, using the high west side antenna.  It operates on the normal APRS network frequency of 144.390 MHz, beaconing every five minutes with a beacon text string of:

!3854.19N/07639.15Wr147.105MHz T107 +060