Tape Measure Yagi

tape measure yagi.pngIf you have ever considered taking part in a Fox Hunt, or are already planning to attend the AARC pre Club Picnic Fox Hunt in September, then you might want to see the presentation this Thursday night.  Its a little about Fox Hunting, and a lot about how to construct your own Tape Measure Yagi.

Local Clubs

There was a discussion on the Holly net regarding radio clubs around Maryland.

Here is a PDF attachment that is printable/downloadable and clickable with the information that was desired.


Click thru on article to download the file.


World Scout Jamboree and NA1WJ

WSJ_0.jpgThe World Scout Jamboree is held every 4 years somewhere in the world.  The last one was in 2015 in Japan.  The next one will be held in Summit Bechtel Sourt Reserve in West Virginia.  Of course the event will feature ham radio, with setup and testing of amateur radio station NA1WJ from July 18th through July 21st, and operation from July 22 through July 31st. 

Meinberg and FT-8

This week while working FT-8, I got an email from a fellow I had contacted, Mike Black W9MDB.  He noticed my clock was off a bit and wanted to let me know, and suggested I switch from Dimension 4 to Meinberg.  I told him that i had tried to install Meinberg but couldn't get it to work.  He sent me the following info.

First, download Meinberg NTP from the following web site:


AARC Clothing For Sale

On the "Members" menu, you will find "Club Clothing".  If you wish to order just complete the page as instructed and push "Submit".  Your order will be automatically forwarded to Jim Goldsberry KB3NQY who will place one master order for all merchandise ordered at some point in June.  The completed items will be delivered to Jim, after which he will bring them to club meetings for distribution and payment.