Field Day 2016 Friday setup

I plan to be at the club at 0900 tomorrow (Friday) to start getting things set up. The biggest things are shelters and masts. Make sure you have sunscreen, a hat and cool clothes. The forecast is for nice weather, but it can get hot really quickly. Bring your HT and we'll use the club simplex frequency to coordinate while we're on site. Let's have fun!

Giff / K1GAH

New Club Perk - Card Counter

The Word is out. Doug Ellmore NA1DX is our official club HF Awards Manager. He can check cards for the following awards. Worked All States (WAS), Worked All Continents (WAC) and VHF Century Club (VUCC). Doug can not check for DXCC at this time.

Thursday June 16th Meeting

I would like to invite everyone to the June 16th Anne Arundel Radio Club Meeting. We have a jam packed schedule and need to start on time and may run a bit over. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Bill Dobson N3WD our local DXCC Card checker to give a presentation on Log book of the world and DXCC. We will also be discussing the upcoming Field day. Finally your secretary has been working very diligently with the league since February and we have a new club perk that we will reveal at this upcoming meeting.

Getting ready for Field Day 2016

Just soaking in the hot tub and making BBQ for Field Day 2016

Saturday was perfect, cold enough to still enjoy soaking in the hot tub but warm enough to enjoy smoking some chicken.

After 5 hours, the meat was picked off the bones, bagged up, and flash frozen. We'll serve this to the setup crew for lunch, and any leftovers will be used in the event that we run out of wood-fired brick oven pizza. (I'll cook the pulled pork that goes along with this on a different weekend before the event.)

Many State QSO Parties this Weekend

The following states are having their QSO party this weekend. Saturday the bands were full of hams from New England and the West ready to take your call. I was even able to get a few states that I needed for worked all states. Many of the QSO Parties extend into Sunday. If you need to pickup states in the West for worked all states or just to have fun on the air then I would suggest that you take advantage of this unique opportunity. Band conditions were fair to good during the day and deteriorated into the early Morning. I hope 20 meters opens back up tomorrow.