Metric Marathon

Metric Marathon Countdown - October 6, 2024

Metric Marathon.JPGThe Metric Marathon is just what it sounds like.  If a Marathon is 26.2188 miles, then a Metric Marathon is 26.2 kilometers, or about 16.28 miles.  Not as grueling as a real Marathon, but at over 16 miles, its not a hop, skip and a jump either.  While the experienced runners do the running, our experienced communicators see that they are safe, and get the supplies they need as they run the course.  The 2020 event occurs October 4th, in the Harwood area of Anne Arundel County. 

Metric Marathon.png

Those interested in volunteering may wish to check out the 2014 Metric Marathon Course.  It is both viewable and downloadable.  Similarly a list of volunteer opportunities is found as 2014 Metric Marathon assignments.  Assignments include a Net Control, a Race Director, a Coordinator, Digipeater Ops, 5 water stops, 2 course monitors, 1 motorcycle, and 1 last bike station.

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