Stuff to Do as You Renew

Last year we instituted a door prize at the Holiday Party just for those who took part in filling out the Yearly Survey.  At the party, a large number of members all of a sudden wanted to fill in the form, and since we had computers online, they were able to do so, and participate.  This year, we won't be having Internet Access at the Holiday Party.  So if you want to take part, you must (assuming you haven't done so, and most haven't) please go online now, and fill out the Yearly Survey for 2019. 

A  year ago we realized the club's mandatory waiver had overstepped.  So we removed the section that said the club can use your image and can even share it with the ARRL who under the old language could share it with advertisers.  But to completely get rid of the old language, we need two things to happen. 

1) We need everyone to actually fill in a Renewal Form this year, and sign or digitally sign it.  This means you agree to the new waiver language which is less onerous.  Just sending in a check won't get it.

2) We need you to fill in a photography release form too.  And before you say I don't need to sign it, I don't want anyone to use my image.... be aware... that is exactly why you need to sign it.  If you say no to both photo policy guestions on the form, then the AARC can't use your image or give it to anyone.  If you say  yes we still can't give it to anyone, but can use it on the web site, etc.  Meanwhile If you don't sign one at all, then the policy from the old waiver stays in effect, and we can use and share it.  Not what you want, I'm sure.

So please fill in both forms as you renew this year.  And please do.... renew.  2020 is going to be a banner year for the AARC and you won't want to miss it.