Asteroids smashing into the Earth

This will be the subject of a talk by our very own Dr. Kelly Fast in a few weeks.

Leading up to this is the 6th International Planetary Defense Conference, which happens to be in College Park. Speakers will inculde:

Bill Nye (CEO of The Planetary Society)
Dr. Jim Green (NASA Chief Scientist),


asteroid scientists from the IAA Planetary Defense Conference will discuss the risk of asteroid impact and possible mitigation strategies.

May 2 Motions

The Board has essentially approved the next phase of the Ham Shack Project.  To finish construction of the Ham Shack itself we need to pass the following two Motions, up for vote at the May 2nd Business Meeting.  


I Move that the Anne Arundel Radio Club authorize spending in an amount not to exceed $600 for completion of the tables in the AARC Ham Shack.  (This includes $200 for the purchase of four dual monitor mounts, $300 for clear surface materials to sit atop the tables, and $100 for paint and other supplies as needed.)

Using Fox Hunting Skills In the Real World

Here is a job posting to put your radio knowledge to work analyzing radio signals to solve interference problems.


The incumbent performs "watch duty" and serves as a technical authority providing technical assistance and guidance to communication systems users to resolve radio interference complaints and problems; and collects radio signal analysis information.  Uses radio signal analysis equipment deployed throughout the United States to collect, correlate, analyze, characteristics of radio signals involved in interference problems, distress or safety-related signals or other radio signals involved in other high priority activities such as law enforcement or national defense, to include HF, VHF, and UHF.   Collects radio signal analysis information;

Tower Climb

There was a tower climb a few weeks ago to do some work on the south tower.

Over the years it had been twisting in the winds and some of the bolts are missing or worked their way loose. Hardware was tightened or replaced on the lower portion of the tower, an additional climb will be done later to finish the upper half.

Dave N3AT went up the tower, supported by the ground team of Mark W2PAW, Rich KB3ZYO, and Jim N3ADF.

New ARRL Podcast For New Operators Coming in March

ARRL Launching New Podcast Geared Toward New Radio Amateurs

For those just getting started on their Amateur Radio journey, ARRL is launching a new podcast aimed at answering your questions, providing support and encouragement for newcomers to get the most out of the hobby. The podcast, "So Now What?," will launch on Thursday, March 7, and new episodes will be posted every other Thursday, alternating new-episode weeks with the "ARRL The Doctor is In" podcast.