General License Class Objective and Format

2018 General Class_0.png

Course Objectives Our General License Course is designed to help the Technician Class amateur operator move up to General Class, and gain a significant number of HF privileges. In fact, the General Class License holder has significant privileges on every ham band. This course is specifically designed to give you the skills needed to pass the FCC Element 3 exam. We assume the student has either already passed, or is prepared to pass the FCC's Element 2 exam. Like the Technician Class License there is no Morse Code requirement, though the General Class ham my find it useful.

Hybrid Classes Like our Technician classes you will be able to attend either in person in our club house in Davidsonville, MD. or over the Internet via Zoom.  Email for details.

Text Book The General Course text is "The ARRL General Class License Manual, 9th Edition". Students may purchase it from the AARC with advance notice, or directly from the ARRL web sute, or Only the 8th Edition text book includes the question pool from which the current test is drawn. It is available in several formats, including Kindle. To register online click preregister me