License Class FAQ

1. Are there age requirements? No! If you pass the test, you get a license. That being said, the youngest US ham on record was 6 years old, but she had the benefit of growing up with licensed parents and siblings. My feeling is that this course is not beyond the ability of the average teenager, and can likely be passed by those in the 10 to 12 range if they have a strong interest in the hobby. I do know a little knowledge of algebra helps.

2. Is this class going to be over my head? No! We try to keep everything at a level that the average person can understand. It is the instructors job to teach the material using plain English with as little geek-speak as possible. Our goal is to make sure you understand. You might, however, learn a little geek-speak along the way.

3. Do I need to preregister? No! But if you know you are going to take the class, we'd appreciate it. This helps us know how many to expect on that first class date, how many supplies and handouts to prepare, and even helps us know how many donuts to buy. But if someone wants to come along last minute, thats great. We always plan for a few extras.

4. How does one dress for a ham radio class? Dress comfortably. You are going to be there for several hours. Jeans and a t-shirt are just fine.  Since you may be taking this on Zoom, you have lots of leeway here.

5. What do I need to have with me? You will need note taking materials. A calculator capable of doing logarithms and square roots might come in handy occasionally but is certainly not necessary. The dollar store sells one suitable for, you guessed it, a dollar.

6. What if I can't attend all the classes? Missing one class is not going to doom you to instant failure. We can provide you with the class materials, and the book should help you cover the rest. That being said, missing a number of classes can lessen your chances of passing the test substantially.

7. Is your class really totally 'FREE', no strings attached? Yes! Obviously we would love a few new members for our club, providing that idea interests you. But if it doesn't we are totally happy that we could help you move ahead with your Amateur Radio hobby. If you complete the course and pass the test, we will give you a free membership in the AARC for the remainder of the year.

8. How much does the book cost? It sounds awful to say, but it varies. The Kindle version is probably the least expensive for approximately $20, but of course you must own the equipment to read the Kindle files. With shipping included most print versions are in the $30 range. In past years I can say that has been less expensive that purchasing the book either from the AARC or the ARRL, but not by much. Your decision may come down to what is most convenient for you.

9. Can you tell me about the qualifications of the instructors? Most, if not all of our instructors hold Amateur Extra class licenses. Several are Electrical Enginneers and all are quite expert in subjects they teach.

10. What if I have a question thats not listed here? Email our Training Coordinator, Keith Miller/AE3D or phone 240-758-0423 and leave your name and number. He will get back to you shortly. Keith is retired, and would enjoy hearing from you. To register online click preregister me