Technician License Class Objectives and Formats

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A Typical Technician Class

Course Objectives Our FREE Technician License Courses is designed to introduce the average person to the world of Amateur Radio. It requires no prior knowledge of radio or electronics, though you will learn some of both during the course. The class is specifically designed to give you the skills needed to pass the FCC Element 2 Exam. The Technician License comes with complete UHF and VHF privileges typically used for relatively local communication, and some limited access to the HF bands and the rest of the world.

Hybrid Classes Our classes, which take place at our club house in Davidsonvillle can also be attended via Zoom.  If you can be there in person, we encourage you to do so, but if you can't, or you live at distance, you can still take the course over the Internet.  Email for details. You can even attend some lessons in person and some via Zoom.  Its up to you.

Text Book The text for this course is 'The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, 4th Edition'. The edition is important as the test changes every three years, and so does the book. Only the 4th Edition contains all possible test questions for the current test. This text is available from several sources including the ARRL,, and sometimes through the AARC. You may find that ordering online is most convenient, and it allows you to start reading early. This book comes in several formats, including Kindle for those so equipped. To register online click preregister me