Continuous Sale

The Club Auction & Sale in April was a huge success, both for the people who got exceptional deals, and the club's treasury.  But now it's may, and we are back to the Continuous Sale which is for members only.  IE Members in good standing. 

The concept is simple.  Merchandies may be consigned to the AARC for sale on a 90%/10% basis, regardless of consignor, with the consignor setting the sale price and perhaps a minimum acceptable price as well.  Conversely merchandies can be donated to the AARC.  If donated the merchandise will be examined, and priced, with all proceeds going to the club.  Donated merchandise may, at the clubs option, alternately be retained by the club.  Sale merchandies will then be listed on this web site's Merchandise Listing page.

If any member in good standing wishes to purchase the item for the firm price as listed, they may indicate their interst using our Purchase Interest form.  They will then be given the option to view and inspect the merchandise within a reasonable period of time, before either waking away or finalizing their purchase. Buyers should be aware that all sales are final and made on an "as is, where is" basis.  If multiple people indicate interest they will be taken in the order in which the Purchase Interest forms are received.   

Merchandies not sold during the Continuous Sale will be put up for sale at the next Annual Sale & Auction sometime in April of 2020 at a slightly lower price.  So you can buy it now, at a slightly higher price, or take your chances it won't sell, and you'll on get an even better price at the Annual Sale & Auction.