Sale & Auction Procedure



To raise funds for the Anne Arundel Radio Club (AARC or the Club) and to dispose of donated, member consigned and/or silent key consigned amateur equipment.


  1. From time to time the Board of Directors of the AARC will authorize a sale at a regularly scheduled AARC meeting. The date for the sale shall be published on the W3VPR website. A spread sheet of all known items will be published on the W3VPR web site at least one (1) week in advance of the sale. This spread sheet shall be continuously updated up to the time the sale starts and shall be used for accounting purposes. The sale will start at 7:30 PM and be held in the Club house. The sale shall be open to all AARC members in good standing (Current dues paid) and their family. Guests may attend but shall be charged a $5.00 donation fee at the door.
  2. Each item will be available for viewing prior to the sale.The price and condition of each item will be clearly displayed on the item.
  3. A cup will be placed near each them in which anyone interested in the item may deposit a piece of paper annotated with their call sign. Paper slips and a writing instrument will be furnished by the Club.
  4. The sale shall begin when the Master of Ceremonies (MC) has a disinterested person draw one (1) call letter slip from the cup. The MC shall read the call letters and award the item to that person if he or she wants the item. If they do not want the item this procedure will be repeated until someone accepts the item. In cases where there is more than one similar item this procedure shall be followed until all items are accepted.
  5. If there are no interested parties in an item at the price displayed on the item the MC may sell the item using the modified Dutch auction technique. The price paid for the item will be established by the MC continuously reducing the price of the item until a valid bid is received. At that point the MC will ask for higher bids and award the item to the highest bidder. If no other bids are received the MC will award the item to first valid bidder. Please note some consigned items may not be authorized to be sold using this procedure.
  6. Each purchased item shall be paid for via cash, check or credit/debit card prior to departing from the Club house. Each buyer is encouraged to keep track of his purchases (Item number and amount) to aid the checkout process. Each seller shall be reimbursed for items sold at the end of the sale by presenting the numbered tags to the sale treasurer.
  7. Any person or organization may consign items to the sale and the Club’s Equipment Sale Procedure shall be used. The Club will charge the seller a 10% commission fee at the time of sale. Items donated to AARC or Club assets shall be credited to the Club’s treasury at 100% of the sale price. To consign an item the
    consignor must complete a numbered consignment tag and clearly mark the form as to the applicability of the modified Dutch auction procedure by placing a large “D” at the top of the tag. The consignor will then register the item with the sale treasurer, place the item with the numbered tag on the appropriate table before the sale begins and retain the bottom portion of the numbered tag. Access to this portion of the sale shall be on a “first come first served” basis so come early if one plans on using this part of the equipment sale.
  8. Please remember all sales are final with no returns authorized and each item is sold “as is where is” with no warranty, express or implied.
  9. A sample completed consignment tag is shown on page 2.

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Download sample completed tag, Ref: 9 above.