What You Will Need

Calculators A small number of calculators are available to use at the exam session. You may bring a calculator to use as long as nothing is programmed or stored in it. You may not use the calculator in a smartphone. Cell phones, any devices than can be connected to the internet, or devices that make noise must be turned off during your test.

Writing Implements Pencils and pens will be provided. Forms are filled out in ink and exams may be taken in pencil.

No Fee Required There is no examination fee. Exam sessions sponsored by the Laurel VEC are free.

Summary Summary of what to bring to your exam session:

1) A government-issued photo ID.

2)Your FRN. Valid CSCE issued at a previous exam session if the exam results have not been processed by the FCC yet.

3) Acceptable material if claiming exam credit, contact  Bill at testing@w3vpr.org prior to the exam session to verify your credit.

4)Optional Supplies A calculator with nothing stored or programmed in it. A small number of calculators are available to borrow. Cell phone and smartphone calculators may not be used. Pen and pencil will be provided at exam session. To register online click preregister me