You and the FCC

Amateur Radio Licenses are issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thus you need be aware of about ID's, licenses, and FCC Registration Numbers (FRN).

You must have a FRN before your test session. To obtain a FRN see the FCC CORES website. The VE team no longer does in-person registration. If you currently have a license through the FCC, such as a GMRS license, you must use this so all your licenses are linked.

Please note: The Debt Collection Act of 1996 requires that anyone applying for or renewing any federally issued license must provide their Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) which is your Social Security Number. Therefore, it is required that you obtain your FRN before the exam another FCC system is designed to keep your TIN private.

You must have a valid email address on file with the FCC as they will email a link to access your license, upgrade or vanity license in PDF format.

If you have any further questions on the examinations click here to see the Laurel VEC's FAQ page.

Information on how to apply is at the FCC YouTube page.