You and the FCC

Government Licensing Authority Amateur Radio Licenses are issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thus you need to know about ID's, paper licenses, and FRNs: What To Bring With You To Your Exam Session Bring a government-issued photo ID to your exam session. Young applicants who do not have a government-issued photo ID may use other forms of ID including a school ID, library card, or report card. The CSCE Bring the most current unexpired CSCE issued at a previous test session if your license level is not yet showing in the FCC database. You will be allowed to take your exam but the results will not be processed until any pending action has been completed. Exam Credit Acceptable material may be used in certain cases for exam credit. If you plan to show evidence of exam credit contact David at or leave a voice mail message prior to attending an exam session to verify you qualify and have the correct materials. The FRN It is preferred that you obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to taking your exam. Though a Social Security Number (SSN) may be used instead, it will greatly slow your licensing process with the FCC. If you have an FRN it must be used in place of your Social Security Number. If you currently have an Amateur Radio license your FRN will appear on your license and in the FCC database. You might already have an FRN if you applied for a GMRS license or had some other transaction with the FCC. The FRN may be obtained by going to the FCC's ULS web site, clicking on 'Register' and following instructions on subsequent pages. If you do not have an FRN, an AARC VE may assist you in obtaining it at the exam session using the same process just outlined. Obviously it is easier for us if you obtain it on your own and bring it to the exam session. Having an FRN also means you will not have to give us your SSN. If you are taking your first amateur radio exam and you do not have an FRN by the time you leave the exam session, do not apply for it on your own after passing the exam. You will be assigned an FRN along with your new call sign. If you plan to take an exam at a subsequent session, whether with AARC or any other organization, to upgrade your license, apply for a vanity call sign, or conduct any other transaction with the FCC, wait for your FRN to be assigned first. New FRN's and call signs in this case are usually assigned within a few business days of passing your exam at AARC. Paper Licenses Effective Feb 17, 2015, the FCC will no longer automatically mail a paper license with a new, modified, or renewed grant. If you want a paper copy of your license from the FCC you must log into the ULS system on the FCC web site with your FRN and set your paper preference accordingly before your exam results are uploaded by the VE team to the FCC. To ensure your preference is set prior to the upload you must do this before coming to the exam session. The VE team cannot do this for you. The FCC ULS System If this is your first Amateur Radio License be aware that your license is effective as soon as the FCC lists you as being licensed in the FCC ULS database. Thus once you have your call sign, you are a licensed 'ham'. So you can check the FCC ULS database yourself, wait till we advise you of your new call sign, or you can receive email notification from the FCC directly. License Authorization via Email If you want to receive an authorization from the FCC by email, you must include a valid, legible email address on NCVEC Form 605 and write your initials in the margin next to it. Providing your email address on NCVEC Form 605 without initials will enable the VE team to notify you of your new call sign or upgrade, but will not result in your email address being sent to the FCC. To register online click preregister me