Yeasu Fusion

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Dave Prestel, W8AJR explains how repeaters operate to the AARC Membership

April 5, 2018's presenter was Dave Prestel, W8AJR who was brining the club up to date on the Yeasu Fusion repeaters that the club already owns, and is updating.  He also took the time to teach the membership a bit about how repeaters operate.  According to Dave, the newest upaded version of the Yeasu Fusion is quite reliable, and a great value for the money.

It turns out Dave Prestel is also the President of T-MARC (The Maryland Area Repeater Council) that assigns frequencies, power levels, antenna paterns and other things for all the repeaters in our region.  As well Dave is part of FAR (The Foundation for Amateur Radio) an inter-club group.,  He gave those present a great number of details on Amateur Radio scholarship grants, and how to apply for them.  It appear all you need is to attend an accredited institution of learning, and be a license ham to apply.  .