AARC Equipment Sale

Who & When Each year in Spring one of our club meetings is dedicated to providing a Modified Dutch Auction sale of Amateur Radio and related equipment for the benefit of the membership. Last year we began inviting non-members to participate for a fee of $5.00, and a number of non-members attended.

How A Modified Dutch Auction Works Each item for sale is displayed prior to the start of the event. On each item is a price tag, and adjacent to it a paper cup and some slips of paper. If you are interested in purchasing the item for the price displayed, you may put your name and/or call sign on one of the slips of paper and place it in the cup.

Selection of a Winner When the auction is called to order, everyone sits down, and the auctioneer proceeds to hold drawings from the name in each cup. If you win the drawing you are asked if you still wish to purchase the item. If you say yes, the listed prices is added to your bill and the item is yours. If you say no, then another name is drawn and the process repeated.

What If Nobody Wins If either no-one puts a slip in the cup, or no-one who did so still wants to purchase the item, then what follows is based on the wishes of the items donator or owner. It may be withdrawn from sale, or a more traditional auction may be held to determine who wins the item and how much will be paid for it.

Payment All bills must be paid in cash or by credit card prior to leaving the Dutch Auction with your merchandise. The club treasurer will be available to handle all such transactions.

Complete Station Every year we attempt to provide a complete HF station full of equipment for sale at a single price. In order to place a bid on this item, your ham radio license date, or upgrade to General must be less than one year ago. In other words, this item is for new hams and recent upgrades only, and is our effort to get more new hams involved in HF communications. Details If you want information on putting items up for auction, please see the Contact Us page of this website.