How to turn on "push" email notifications for this website


If for some reason you stopped getting email notifications, or if you want to turn them on, here are the steps to take:

1. Log in (If you can't log-in for any reason, please contact or email Mark/W2PAW)
2. On the left-hand column of the front page, under User Menu click on "My account"
3. Under your user name in the center of the page, click on "notification settings"
4. The Master Switch must be set to "on"
5. Notify new content should be set to "enable"
6. How much to include? may be set to your choice of settings.
7. Remember to press the "save setting" button on the bottom of the page.


so looking at my email archives, the last "push" email notification I got was on 11/27/2016, and I had to turn it back on using the instructions above.

I'm curious if anyone else knows what date notifications stopped for them? This time for me is well after the website crash of a few years ago.