Board Meeting 3/12/2020


CQ AARC Members


Some of the members of the board will not be able to make the meeting in person tonight due to the COVID-19 distancing recommendations.


"The plan" is for a member of the board to call a conference call number from the clubhouse to allow participation.


I have setup a dial-in for the board and members at large for 7:30 PM EDT



access code: 602547


For most people today, the phone call should be toll free.  I will try to call in a bit early and try to start check-ins to start on time.


I ask that if you want to participate, you put your phone on mute and we will ask for check-ins like a net.  We will ask for input from board members and non-board members participants for input during the meeting.


When called, unmute your phone and speak your name and then call sign slowly after saying your name.  For example:


"This is Doug, N  A  1 D  X"


no need for phonetics unless requested.




dial-in and provide access code

Mute until called

when called, unmute and respond to check-in and confirmation

then mute

then standby until called again.


I will be online monitoring email and can take emails for input during the meeting.


Thanks for support.  We hope this will work out for the short notice.




Doug NA1DX

I received a text from the Green Co Sheriff that the 2020 Dayton Hamvention has been cancelled