MDC QSO Party Web Submission 2021

This form will serve as the Summary Sheet for all online entries

NOTE:  Please fill in this form top to bottom, as the availability of some options will change depending on your answers to the various pull down menus. 

For your club to win our In-State Club Trophy we need to know which Maryland ARC(s) you belong to.
(If applicable)
(if applicable)
If outside the US and Canada

Various Maximum Power Used levels may be used in your category.  Therefore we need to know which applies to you.  For this purpose QRP is up to 5 watts., LOW is over 5 watts and up to 150 watts, MED is over 150 watts and up to 600 watts, and HIGH is over 600 watts but still legal.

Maryland DC Jurisdication from which I made my contacts

Maryland DC Jurisdication from which I made my contacts

Maryland DC Jurisdication from which I made my contacts

Maryland DC Jurisdication from which I made my contacts


The Maryland Club Participation Award:  In 2020 the Anne Arundel Radio Club inititated The Maryland Club Participation award in a blatant attempt to get more of Maryland's ARRL affiliated ham radio clubs involved, especially those in the less amateur active counties in our state.  We realized that bigger clubs generally meant higher participation, not because of their higher participation rates, but because of their sheer membership numbers.  So we came up with a formula that awards clubs based not only on total points earned by their members, but also on the percentage of that clubs members that entered the event.  This formula may be tweeked over the next few years, but we are pleased with it's initial results.

To make your points count toward your club's total all you have to do is tell us what ARRL club or clubs (up to three) you wish your points applied to, and by what percentage.  This in no way will affect your score in the category you have entered.  We will do our best to divide your points accordingly.  If you list two or three clubs, and either fail to tell us the percentages, or the ones you give us don't add up to 100% we will apportion the points as we see fit.  This will most likely result in a relatively even distribution. 

Finally and most important, in order for your club to participate, your club President, or another officer acting on their behalf must supply us with your clubs membership total as of the end of Field Day weekend two month prior to our contest.  Totals may be sent via USPS to AARC, PO Box 308, Davidsonville, MD 21035 or emailed to  We will accept such totals, until we cease accepting entries for that year's Maryland DC QSO Party.

NOTE:  The percentages above must add to 100.  If they don't, we will apply the points evenly between the clubs listed.  If you wish to apportion points between more than 3 clubs, please email the details to as such a request is beyond the capability of our webform.  Be aware we are fraction adverse, and will use the nearest whole number in both percentages and point totals. 



DX Entities Worked:  (Total number of DX entities worked excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and the United States)

List of all DX Countries worked. NOTE: Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the United States are considered invalid as DX entities for the Maryland DC QSO Party. (Each country should in order consist of the call sign of the station worked, a comma, the country name, a semicolon and a space.)
- Each QSO using CW Mode will be worth 3 points
- Each QSO using any Digital Mode will be worth 2 points
- Each QSO using Phone Mode will be worth 1 point each
Please include your CALL SIGN somewhere in the file name, and upload your Oddball Pictures so we can give you 50 bonus points. Should you win, don't be surprised if we ask you for permission to publish your picture on our website and/or newsletter in order to help publicize the Maryland DC QSO Party.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp tif.

We have provided capability for you to upload two log files as needed.  The uploading of at least one of the two logs is required, and only contact listed on those logs will be considered as part of your contest activity.  You may upload either or both as applicable.  The Logs entry should be contain all contacts made in modes other than FT8, and the FT8 Logs are for you to upload your logs from WSJT-X using FT8.  In both cases if you have no applicable contacts then a log is not required.  NOTE: You may alternately choose to export your WSJT-X log into ADIF format, and import it into the program you used for your other contacts.  The choice is yours.

Please include your CALL SIGN somewhere in the file name(s), and insure that both files have different file names, so that the second does not replace the first in our files, but rather is added to it.  Please use Cabrillo Format if possible, using the .log or .txt file types.  Otherwise you may upload using Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc formats as listed below. 

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt xls xlsx ods log.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt xls xlsx ods log.

To minimize errors your scores will be calculated automatically by computer using the information provided on this form and the same method described in the rules.  Scores will be posted online as soon as possible after all entries are received.  Good luck, and 73s.