MDC QSO Party Web Submission 2020

This form will serve as the Summary Sheet for all online entries

NOTE:  Please fill in this form top to bottom, as the availability of some options will change depending on your answers to the various pull down menus. 

For your club to win our In-State Club Trophy we need to know which Maryland ARC(s) you belong to.
(If applicable)
(if applicable)




DX Entities Worked:  (Total number of DX entities worked excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and the United States)

List of all DX Countries worked. NOTE: Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the United States are considered invalid as DX entities for the Maryland DC QSO Party. (Each country should in order consist of the call sign of the station worked, a comma, the country name, a semicolon and a space.)
- Each QSO using CW Mode will be worth 3 points
- Each QSO using any Digital Mode will be worth 2 points
- Each QSO using Phone Mode will be worth 1 point each
Please upload your logs in Cabrillo Format if possible, using the .log or .txt file types. Otherwise you my upload using Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc formats as listed below.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt xls xlsx ods log.

If you have created multiple Cabrillo files, with multiple pieces of logging softare, you may up loat them both, one after the other.  Just don't submit your entry untill you are finished uploading.

To minimize errors your scores will be calculated automatically by computer using the information provided on this form and the same method described in the rules.  Scores will be posted online as soon as possible after all entries are received.  Good luck, and 73s.