Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice all Anne Arundel Radio Club Meetings will be held on Zoom!

First, you should know that unless otherwise stated meetings are from 7:30pm till approximately 9:00pm on the days in question.  Further you should know that a Zoom Meeting Invite, will contain the Meeting ID and Password needed to be a part of that meeting. 

Membership Meetings will be held as always on the first and third Thursdays of each month, except December when the Holiday Party replaces the third Thursday Meeting.  The first such meeting of the month will be the Business Meeting where reports from all active committees and teams will be heard.  The third Thursday meeting will be the Presentation Meeting.  Presentations at Business Meetings will be give 30 mintues, while at Presentation meetings that will be doubled to 60 minutes. 

Membership Meeting invites are emailed to all active members, using the email address the club has on file in it's Master Roster.  If you feel you did not get an invite in error, please contact our Membership Secretary.  If you are not an active member you may request an invite by emailing the Board President.  . 

Board Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.  Board Meeting invites are sent to all Board Members and their invited guests.  Anyone may attend, but you must request an invite from the Board President.

Rules Committee meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of the month.  Invites are sent to the Rules Committee members and their invited guests.  Again, anyone may attend, but you must request an invite from the Rules Committee Chairman.

Zoom is also used for General License Classes, Technician License Classes, and Morse Code Classes sponsored by the club.  Contact the Training Team Leader for an invite.  When in session the license classes are Saturdays 8:30am till noon, and Morse Code Classes are 7:00pm till 7:30pm on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.  

The Facilities Director also holds Zoom meetings for his henchmen, The Wrecking Crew, on select Tuesday mornings starting at 10:00am.  For an invite contact the Facilities Team Leader.  

For other information about Zoom contact our Zoom Team Leader