Rosaryville Trail Run


July 21, 2019

10 Kilometer, 10 Mile, 25 Kilometer, 50 Kilometer

Rosaryville 50k.JPG

The Rosaryville Trail Run is a joint venture between the Anne Arundel Striders, Annapolis Trail Runners and the Kent Island Running Group, with proceeds to support SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIOR FDN, and RUDE RANCH ANIMAL SANCTUARY.  This is a new event consisting of 10 kilometer, 10 mile, 25 kilometer and 50 kilometer trail runs. 

A map of the park may be downloaded by clicking here.  It shows the Perimeter Trail clearly, which is the trail used for most of the scheduled events.  The remainder is generally to get to and from the Start/Finish which is not along the Perimeter Trail but rather at the intersection of the road marked as Park Entrance and the Grassland Bird Trail. 

Seasoned runners may easily recognize the trail as the one used yearly for the Rosaryville Veterans Day 50k. 

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