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Membership renewals are based on the calendar year. Therefore renewals made between January 1 and October 31 will be applied to the current calendar year. Renewals made in November or December will be applied to the following calendar year, but will commence on the date of the renewal. The club is not prepared to accept renewals or dues for a subsequent year prior to November 1. Therefore any such applications will not be accepted, and such dues will be refunded to the applicant.

If you prefer to submit a printed form, please click on download Renewal Form.

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NOTE: To become a student member you must be of high school age or younger, or be registered as a full time student at an accredited college or university. NOTE: To qualify for a family membership you must add at least one spouse, parent, child or sibling on the membership. They need not be a licensed amateur radio operator, but should show an interest in the hobby.

This action will result in your family members losing their AARC Membership!

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After you have completed this form, and pressed 'Prefiew' below you will be given a chance to review your selections and return to edit them before pressing 'Submit'.  Once you do press 'Submit' you will be given the option of paying your dues electronically. Alternately credit and credit card payments will require an in person submission to our Tresurer. If you have not selected one of those three options, please mail your check, on which you have clearly printed your call sign (if licensed), to:

Anne Arundel Radio Club
PO Box 308

Davidsonville Md.  21035

After You Are Done
After you have completed your membership renewal would be an excellent time to fill out our "Yearly Survey".  It can be found under "Member > Yearly Survey" which is right above "Membership Renewal".