DMR radio set up

New ham working with an Anytone AT-D878UV radio. I've got analog figured out.

I'm struggling with getting DMR to operate.

I have a digital ID and functioning hotspot.

No luck making a contact yet, but very close. I just need a little help from someone to show me how this all works. 

If you have a DMR radio and could give me a half hour of your time for some hands on one on one help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Steve.  443-454-4089


O.k. few questions:


1) Where are you located?  Trying to see if you are close to a DMR repeater.

2) Second, are you using a hotspot?  There might be another step you might have to do to get it to work.

I have the same radio and I have got it working but each situation is different.  I might be able to help.




QRZ places him in Annapolis. If that's the case probably the only DMR repeater he can hit from ground level is W4ATN's in Riva. It only has local talkgroups unless I am mistaken. Maybe Paul will chime in.

He may be able to hit the Wye Mills DMR repeater connected to Interstate DMR.

I can hit it from my basement in Stevensville using a HT, and Cape St Claire is only a few miles away over the water.