2 Each Hammarland SP-600 and FT1000MP


Hello all

  I have two hammarlund SP-600 radios. Both are in decent physical condition. One comes with a top, the other is in a cabinet.  The front panel on one of them needs cleaned up. Working condition is unknown although one was working when stored.

  I am asking $249 for the pair or $150 each

  I also have a nice Ft1000MP. Filters included.

  Inrad roofing filter

  8215 Inrad 400 hz CW
  455 Inrad 400 hz CW
  8215 inrad 2100hz SSB
  455 Inrad 2100hz SSB
  Yaesu XF-115C
   Yaesu XF-115S


  Plus the two built-in filters.


  I am asking $799