AARC Wednesday Night 2 meter net - December 23, 2015

Net Report
Serial #0025
Report for: 20151223
Weekly AARC 2-Meter Net on 147.105+ PL 107.2
(typically linked to 147.075+ and 444.400+) every Wednesday at 8PM

- all are welcome
- http://www.w3vpr.org

This week's 2-meter AARC net.
Here is a brief recap in case you missed it.
From December 23, 2015
Net was called at 2000L by AA3EB and secured at approximately 2040L.

The following topics were mentioned on the net --

Unusually warm, wet weather for Christmas
One's ability to hit the repeater from various locations and with various powers
Advantages of monitoring 440 MHz stations vice 144 MHz stations
Methods of putting the newsletter on the web site
The next newsletter should be out around 1 January 2016
Participants' Holiday travel plans
Being fortunate to be able to clean gutters prior to a rainfall of 4"/hour
Storm activity affecting both lower and higher HF bands
N3WYG's XYL's upper arm surgery and rod implantation

The following stations were in the net:

K3MAW Mike
N3WYG Milford
KC3BFW Scott
:: NOTE: Some stations were weak into the repeater with resultant noise. This appeared to be due to distance and/or location rather than to weather.

Please accept my apologies if I have missed anyone or overlooked any topics.

The Anne Arundel Radio Club http://www.w3vpr.org hosts a weekly 2 meter net every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm local eastern time.

Please join us each Wednesday at 8 PM on the air, or face-to-face on the first & third Thursdays in Davidsonville for our regular club meetings. Meetings start at 19:30 with an informal eye-ball QSO time thirty minutes prior.

- All Are Welcome - Please Join us -

147.105 (Davidsonville)
147.075 (Curtis Bay)
444.400 (Annapolis)

The AARC Clubhouse is located at the
Davidsonville Family Recreation Center
3789 Queen Anne Bridge Road
Davidsonville, MD 21035

- 73
- Ed • AA3EB