Feedpoint Options for vertical polarized Nested Delta Loop

This coming Friday May 24, I will be putting up a new antenna. I am putting up a nestled delta loop for 20/40 meters. I will be polarizing it vertically and the configuration will be apex up, e.g. Christmas-tree triangle—due to the space and location I have to work with. Being there will be essentially two delta loops coming off one feedpoint and both being different lengths, I have been struggling with where I should put the feedpoint.

Putting the feedpoint at one of the bottom corners would give me better low angle for DX work but the downside is it may be a bit more tricky to hang and the 20 meter loop apex will be lower in the air.

The other option would be the put the feedpoint at the apex which would be super easy for hanging, also it would allow the 20 meter loop to be higher in the air, but may not be as good for DX and probably be better for closer station work.

Any thoughts?

I used one 40 meter loop, apex up. I fed it from the corner with a MFJ 926 auto tuner. It worked well on 80-10 mtrs. It was the easiest physical layout to use. Bottom leg abt 5 ft above ground. I really liked it. I don't see a need to nest loops just use one w/auto tuner, it was so easy and I worked at lot of DX using PSK. Now it would be FT 8. My email is 904jeter@gmail.com 73, Bob Jeter