Open Shack Hours

I have moved the Open Shack Hours from 11/25 to 11/18.  This clears the Thanksgiving weekend and sets the date on the ARRL Sweepstakes weekend.  Those who have not worked a contest, or been able to get on the air with a Technician card should come out and make contacts.  --73, Rick AB3XJ

sorry Rick, I can't find what the open shack beginning and ending hours are?  Thanks, Bob WA2MQK

On the club calendar I show Shack hours on Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.  Is there someone else with access who wants to open the shack for additional hours over the weekekd?

From the description I assume that "Open Shack" means club members can use the equipment in the shack during open hours.  Is there some sort of orientation or how-to lesson?  My whole family (all General Class) would like to dive into the HF waters, but beyond being able to spell our call signs (most times) we don't know much.  -Mike, Gloria, Jake

Sorry I missed the post about how open shack works before we had the open shack!  This is how it works: I show up and set up a radio and others who want to operate come in and well, just start operating.  There is assistance for those who have not been on the air and a comfortable environment for new (and old) techs and others.  We had 4 people show up today and made about 40 qso's for the sweepstakes contest.  We were able to use a new (to the club) radio with great antennas.  (Thanks Ike- W3IKE)

It is my understanding that anyone can use the W3VPR call and privileges while at the clubhouse and an Extra member is present and assisting.  We try to demonstrate different bands and modes.  

AB3XJ- Rick

Well Santa's reindeer have been fed and are resting.  The New Year is here.  What better time to look at your calendar and pencil in the Winter Field Day at the W3VPR club house.  We will have our open shack during this event and all are welcome to stop in.  We have not had a HUGE response so far and the plan is now to just open the shack, have pot luck food and let people operate on several bands and modes.  This will be dependent on available operators and band conditions.  Check out the rules at  We will try to be open from 1pm (for setup) the 26th to 2pm the 27th.  All operators can work bands up to the level of the top operator while using the W3VPR call sign.  So we need some Extra operators to keep the shack open to allow Technicians to get a few QSO's and learn the system.  It would also be good to have a CW operator and a digital station available to demonstrate those modes.  Mark your calendars, cook/bring something to share, come on out and have some fun.  -- Rick   (Editor did not like my link, try this one.)