JOTA Volunteer Opportunity



Arrowhead District / Baltimore Area Council

In cooperation with The Baltimore Radio Amateur Radio Society (B.R.A.T.S) And The United States Maritime Administration (MARAD)


Are Hosting the 61st Jamboree on the Air / 22nd Jamboree on the Internet


Date/Time: 10/19/2018 7:00 PM - 10/20/2018 4:00 PM


Location:  Nuclear Ship Savannah




Ship's Address:

Pier 13, Canton Marine Terminal
4601 Newgate Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224



61st Jamboree On The Air / Internet Staff Registration

Registration is $10.00 per Staff Member, covers cost of breakfast and lunch on Saturday, Staff Neckerchief and Jamboree Patch.

Last Day To Register: 10/18/2018 11:55 PM


Registration, CLICK HERE (


Contact E-mail


$10.00 per Adult Staff
$10.00 per Youth Staff



62nd Jamboree on the Air / 23rd Jamboree on the Internet 2019

You do not have to be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America to take Youth Protection training. 


Please see the email below: 


I would like to see if I could get another radio opr to assist with NCS operations at the 2018 Francis Scott Key District Boy Scouts Camporee. This is a three day event (see attached doc) but I will only need help on Saturday, 10/20 from about 0900-1600ish. I will have my camper there so we will, if needed, be protected from the weather. I will have to monitor four channels of operations during the events. Three are MURS and one Amateur. They will have at least 30 or so scouts/groups with radios so there will be a bit of traffic. 

Basic schedule is training Friday eve, Sat AM, then a full blown S&R exercise in the afternoon to include a helicopter coming in, about 40 'victims' with full moulage and perhaps even transporting some victims. This will be a fun day with lots of stuff going on. Fall should be nice and cool. 


If interested I can send full up to date details. You would only need to bring your HT and if you have one, a MURS capable radio.