Services for Holly Bevan, N3MB

Holly Funeral.jpg

Photo by Wayne Precht AB3RY

Friday, May 18th, 2018, at 1:00 PM club members attened the services at Arlington National Cemetery for Holly Bevan, N3MB (SK).  The Navy Color Guard (shown above) performed their duties flawlessly while the Chaplain spoke of the wonderful life Holly share with so many of us.

Mike, then a member of the Maryland Mobileers, without telling his parents, signed them up for a Novice class offered by the Anne Arundel Radio Club.  Mike was in the Navy then and had recently set up a MARS station aboard the vessel he was serving on.  We got the benefits of Mike's actions for most of the next 40 years.  

The services were brief but beautiful complete with a 21 gun salute, for the first woman Chief Petty Officer in the WAVES during World War II.  She is now beside her husband, and fellow Silent Key, Wilbur Roy Bevan who passed away in 1994.  

While we were waiting for the services to begin, several of us discussed resurrecting the Morning Net, which Holly ran so wonderfully for so many years.  So we are looking for a few retired folks who could serve as Net Controller, on day per week, or possibly every other week if we get enough volunteers.  So if you are interested let everyone know.  We hope to officially reneame the net as The Holly Net, a name that everyone knew it by, and used, except for Holly herself who was much too modest.  What a splendid lady she was.  She is already greatly missed.