Uncle Rich Needs You

With less than 7 weeks to go our Field Day Chairman, Rich Grace (KB3ZYO) is looking to fill the several positions on the Field Day Committee.  These are Shelters, Public Information, Message Handler,  and Rigs. 

The Shelter person will head the crew that sets up and tears down the three shelters and one easy-up required for Field Day 2018. 

The Public Information person will insure that all site visitors are greeted, logged in, and given escorted tours of the operation then given a chance to make some contacts. 

The Message Handler will insure that the official ARRL Field Day message is received, and decoded for contest entry,

The Rig person will assemble the needed equipment, transceivers, power suppliies, microphones, keys, keyers, cables, filters, and such that are needed to assemble the 5 HF stations we plan to operate during the contest.  Following the event, this same person will be responsible for returning this equipment to its proper location. 

Note the Digital person, Brian Mary (K3HMX) will take care of all special equipment need for the 2 Digital stations, like SignaLink's etc. Also note that the UHF/VHF person, Jim Wallace (N3ADF) will take care of these functions for the UHF/VHF station.  

If you beleive you can fill one of these positions, get in touch with Rich Grace (KB3ZYO) at your earliest convenience.