MFJ-1901 Ground Coupled Antenna Mount


MFJ brings you a simple breakthrough solution that is small, easy-to-carry and radiates very well! The MFJ Ground-Coupled Portable Antenna Base gives you a stable way to mount your vertical antenna and provides an effective ground by just plopping down the base and standing on it to push the legs firmly into the ground. It will support many multi-band verticals. You can operate 160 Meters thru 6 Meters and above almost anywhere with an effective signal. Its perfect for traveling or for semi-permanent summer/winter homes. You can easily set it up and take it down your vertical antenna for stealth operation if you live in an antenna-restricted area.
I have used with for portable operations, and works very well. Retail this sells for approx. $100 I am selling mine for $40. If interested please email Steve at
Here is an image from HRO displaying the item: