Looking for CW Help


Good Afternoon Everyone,

Looking for a little help with CW.  I am just learning and would love to have someone local that I could schedule on air practice sessions with, or just provide advice. 

I just finished the CWOPS Level one training course and can send pretty well at a character speed of 20 and a farnsworth speed of about 12-15.  My problem is with copying, and thats where I need the help.  I'm using all the usual methods to learn.  Using ARRL Code Practice Files, using the Gordon West CDs, and I am also using a text to CW conversion program that allows me to create MP3 files to listen to.  But so far, nothing has been helping with copying.  I can recognize the individual characters no problem, but once they start coming in groups of two or more, it just scrambles my brain.  LOL 

Any advice from the CW pros out there would be greatly appreciated.

John, KC3ARN