Our March 15th meeting should be a real treat.  Our guest speaker will be Frank Donovan (W3LPL).  In case you aren't a DXer or contester, and have no idea who W3LPL is, let me explain it this way.  He has one of the biggest and best antenna farms in the world at his home in Glenwood Maryland.  Just take a look at his collection of 200 foot towers..


Anyone want to trade back yards?  You may not notice the 4 square for 160m, or the four 2 element quad loops for 80m.  Not in the picture are the multiple beverage antennas for 160m reception.  And of course you can't see all the single band amplifiers and operator positions in his basement.  Frank Donovan is a long time member of the PVRC (Potomac Valley Radio Club) dedicated to contesting.  Come hear what he has to say at our March 15th meeting.