Technician Class Started March 3rd

Our latest Technician Class started Saturday, March 3rd.  We had 24 students preregiestered.  Of those 20 arrived for the first class, along with 7 people who didn't preregister.  Good thing I made extra handouts..  The next week more arrived.

We usually lose a few students early in each class for whatever reason, and this spring was no exception as we have apparently lost 7 so far.  Plus we lost 3 more students the good way, when they passed their Technician License Exams early and joined the AARC.  So we have 24 students remaining 4 classes into this 6 week course and it looks like the majority will finish and take their Tecnnician Exams.   

We could easily have more than 25 new hams by the April 18th meeting, when I hope we can vote a bunch of these folks into our club.

Keith Miller, AE3D, Training Director