APRS visits the Workshop

On Sunday, January 28th the Kit Building and Troubeshooting Workshop has invited Gordon Davids, WJ3K to speak on the topic of setting up an operational APRS station.  You are invited. 


TNC-PI attached to a Raspberry Pi Computer

As you may not be aware, over the past year some of the Workshop attendees have built these TNC-PI units, have attached them to Raspberry Pi computers as shown, have installed the FREE Xastir software, and are now working toward adding GPS units and making their TNC-PI units and associated HT radios into fully functioning APRC stations. 


APRS Map of the Area on 8:20pm, Jan. 14, 2018

Gordon Davids WK3J has considerable expertise in operating and configuring ARPS units, and will be addressing that topic with all who attend.  Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to come learn more about this fascinating mode, and how to make it operational.