Straight Key Night



Straight Key Night

Sunday night is New Year's Eve, which means Monday night is Straight Key Night.  If you ever learned 5 WPM this is your chance to get back on CW and make a few contacts.  I you go 30 WPM you're going to have the chance to learn the stright key again, and bring those speeds down to makesome  contacts with those who move at a slower pace. 

And for anyone who is interested I'm thinking its almost time to have another CW class.  Is anyone interested?

I would be very interested in a CW class!!!

I might be able to assist with the instruction.

I'll assist at the cw class.

Under the "Learning & Licensing" Menu there is a Class Preregistration form.  I have added a "CW Class" button to it so we can gauge how many would like to participate.  With 2 volunteers to help me, and maybe more, we should be able to do one this winter.

I think I can help. It takes more than one class to make a CW op, but I could take a few students as an Elmer. I'm in Severna Park. We could do it by RF or AF.

- Gordon/WJ3K