I have paid for a new listserve service for the Anne Arundel Radio Club. When it is available, I will send out a notification to the many current paid members for 2018.

Subscription (free to AARC members) will be via email, but will be up to you. This way if you don't want emails from the club, you don't have to have them. If you want to participate online with other club members via an email listserve service, you can join the AARC for 2018 and we will share with you the information to subscribe to the list.

This is an extra gift from me to the members of the club. I pledge to pay the modest annual fee as long as I can.

Many of us find the listserve approach very useful as PVRC members, members of the Elecraft community, Ten Tec, 160m DXing, and so on.


de NA1DX

The new W3VPR listserve is operational. I invited *most* 2017 members to the list to get it going! If I missed you, let me know. Only paid members will be invited to the list. I will renew membership in 2018 based on the paid members list.

73 and Good DX,

Doug NA1DX