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Before you apply to join the Anne Arundel Radio Club, let me explain some of the basics.  Once you join, you are technically a member for life.  However to remain an active voting member in our organization you must remain current in your dues.  If you go inactive, making payment of dues automatically returns you to active voting status.

Becoming a Member
To become a member, you must first fill out a membership application form, either online or on paper.  Dues, if applicable must be submitted.  You must also receive approval from both the AARC Board of Directors and the General Membership..  This requires a vote typically held at one of the club's twice-a-month, regularly scheduled General Membership Meetings.  Though you attendance is far from mandatory, you are invited to attend and encouraged to do so.  We'd love the chance to meet you.  The date on which the last of the conditions above are met, will be considered your first date of membership.

Free Memberships
We offer free first time memberships to those who either attend a license class at the AARC and subsequently pass their license or upgrade exam, or who simply pass a license or upgrade exam held at the AARC club house.  Such memberships if granted in the first 9 calendar months of the year will expire on December 31st of that year. Otherwise, such memberships shall be free till December 31st of the following year.

Paid Memberships
If you do not qualify for a free membership above, the standard dues schedule applies. We offer individual, family and student memberships.  Be aware, we do not pro-rate dues.  If your date of membership is during the first 10 calendar months of the year, you membership will expire on December 31st of that year.  Otherwise your membership will expire on December 31st of the following year.

If you prefer to submit a printed form, please click on download Application Form.

Be aware that the information you have provided above will not be shared with anyone outside the membership of the Anne Arundel Radio Club. When you fill out this form you are provided the option to select a 'Private' option for each phone number. If so marked that phone number will not be distributed in any manner to the general mamebership, but rather will be accessible only by members of the Board. We take your privacy very seriously here and as such your personal information is only available to club officers and the webmasters.

To qualify for a free membership you must   1. have never been a member of the AARC.   2. either have attended an AARC License Class prior to passing the exan related to that class or have taken a license or upgrade exam at the AARC club house.   3. have taken the exam referenced above within the last 90 days.
By entering my full legal name in the Digital Signature box below, I am affixing my Digital Signature to the above terms.

After you have completed this form press the 'Preview' button below.  You will be given a chance to review your selections and return to edit them before pressing 'Submit'. If your membership was 'free' you are all done.  Otherwise once you do press 'Submit' you will be given the option of paying your dues electronically. Alternately credit and credit card payments will require an in person submission to our Tresurer. If you have not selected one of those three options, please mail your check, on which you have clearly printed your call sign (if licensed), to:

Anne Arundel Radio Club
P.O. Box 308
Davidsonvillle, MD  21035

After You Are Done
If you are a seasoned "ham" you might want to take the opportunity to fill out or "Yearly Survey" found on the "Members" submenu.  You will have access to that page as soon as  your membership is finalized.  If you are new to the hobby, we suggest you operate for a while before completing the survey as it may some take time to develop your interests.