Officer and Board of Directors nominees for 2018

Friends: The nominating committee is placing the following names in nomination for your officers for 2018:
President: Rich Grace (KB3ZYO)
Vice President: Tom Wagner (N3MGE)
Secretary: Keith Miller (AE3D)
Treasurer: Justin Leishman (KC3BJT)
Director: Jim Wallace (N3ADF)
Director: Tim Nagle (KB3YQK)
Director: Mark Bova (W2PAW)

The club is fortunate this year that all incumbents have indicated a willingness to serve in their current position for another year. These names will be formally placed before the club membership at our club meeting on 2 November as required by our bylaws, and at that time, additional nominations may be made from the floor. So plan to come out to the meeting and participate in the election process!
----Chuck Tanner (K3ACT), Chairman, 2017 Nominating Committee