A backup VEC Lead (or two) is desperately needed.

We were lucky when Rick/AB3XJ stepped up to take over running our VE sessions, and Rick does a great job.

However, the VE sessions we preform as a service are one of the most important things we do as a Special Service club. We need to train a couple of people to fill in in the rare session that Rick is unable to run.

The ideal candidates should have:

1. Experienced in giving the FCC Amateur Radio license exams. To keep in practice, you should be helping to run the monthly VE exams at least several times per year.
2. Available to fill in as Lead Examiner, as needed, on the second Saturday of the month.
3. Holds an Extra Class license.

That being said, if you don't hold all of these qualifications, having a backup is so important that we'll work toward getting the experience you need.

If you're interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Rick/AB3XJ or any AARC board member.

I would be happy to help as a VE. Please let me know how to get started. I passed my AE exam several weeks back.