From the front page: correction on FD 2017 points

Keith/AE3D sent in a correction for Field Day point totals:

   "After rechecking all our numbers, it appears I made a mistake regarding high point getters.

   "Yes, Ed Santilli/KB3YMU did get us over 350 bonus points! But Brian/K3HMX actually nudged him out for first with 372 contact points. Nothing short of amazing.

   "Meanwhile John Williams, K8JW scored 224 points putting him slightly ahead of Chuck Tanner/K3ACT with 210 contact points and Tim Nagel/KB3YQK at something around 170. I say somewhere around because I know he was logged on for some of the contacts made by our younger guests. His callsign was associated with 174 points. I will have details on who helped who and deserves credit for putting the non-hams among us on the air."

A big thanks to everyone who made Field Day 2017 one of the clubs best and best attended. We would love to have you visit next year. ~Mark/W2PAW