Amateur Radio/General Training at UAS in Severn MD


Today I attended a great series of talks on Software Defined Radio and other technical topics in the area of Ham Radio at “Unallocated Space” in Severn MD. Website:”. This new organization offers continuing classes on a wide variety of Amateur Radio subjects offered by vary talented people. They are not affiliated with any particular Radio Club. I hope you will look them up and take advantage of the opportunities for free learning.

From the UAS Web Page: “Unallocated Space is a technology-based community center, based out of a 1600+ SF space located in Severn, MD. This space is open to the public at all times and is available for people to come and collaborate on their projects. While we have interests ranging from electronics to woodworking, our primary focus tends to lie in Information Security. Our members offer a steady stream of talks and classes which are free and open to the public. The motto of the space is Teach, Learn, and Build!”