NA3DX response to Newsletter

As the President of the Explorers Radio Club, I would like to respond to the recent newsletter editorial regarding Field Day. The Explorers Radio Club ( operates with the call sign NA3DX. We also setup a GOTA station, typically using the call sign of the leader of the GOTA station.

The Explorers Radio Club has many goals. The Explorers Radio Club's mission encourages exploring the world of amateur radio, QRP operations, participation in an annual Field Day event, experimenting with both vintage and modern technology and modes, supporting and promoting DX expeditions, supporting and promoting contesting, and encourage involvement of youth and adults alike.

Our goals for Field Day reflect our mission:
1) DXpedition Style operating in the field using deployable gear and emergency power
2) Use of QRP technology to push the limits of the art of the possible with 5 watts
3) Introducing to new operators via the GOTA and main station the use of advanced technology modes and operating methods
4) Maximizing the effectiveness of stations with fresh operators
5) Maximizing participants and operators effectiveness overall using the specific talents of participants
6) Teaching new methods for station setup, operating, and take down to those with little to no experience in any area
7) Having safe ham radio fun!

Since 2008, the NA3DX operation has had a lot of success in meeting our goals. N3HU and K3NDM get a ton of credit for their leadership and strong-arm efforts in the early operations. A measure of the success of NA3DX can be seen in the annual Field Day results listing in 2A/3A Battery every year. We have had youth obtain their ham license as a result of the experience. And yes, we have had newly licensed hams increase their interest in HF contesting and DXing as a result of the NA3DX approach. Many of our members have go gear and operate in the field many times of the year from many locations.

I and a number of the participants have in the past directed Field Day operations for the AARC. Yes our approach is different. Our approach is also far more interesting than just saying we treat it as a contest. If we have to prvide a simple picture of our operation, I personally would paint it as a "QRP Dxpedition."

Ini 2017, NA3DX will be a 2A Battery operation. If you would like to see the NA3DX setup, the location can be found via or via the ARRL Field Day locator. You can contact me directly, too.

As most of us are also members of the AARC, we truly hope the AARC has a great event and meets their goals, too. NA3DX hopes to work everyone on the Field Day bands from 80m - 2m.

Please have a safe and fun Field Day event!