General License Class


The 2017 General License Class started April 22nd, with a Chapters, 1, 2, 3 and 6. We finally got our schedule straight today.

Larry Booth, AA3AU will teach Chapter 5, Radio Signals & Equipment on April 29th
Dick Maio, WW3R will teach Chapter 4, part 1, Components & Circuits on May 6th
Doug Elmore, NA1DX will teach Chapters 7 & 8, Propagation & Antennas, May 13th
Bruce Strackbein, WR3Q will teach Chapter 4, part 2, Components & Circuits on May 20
Memorial Day Weekend there is no class.
Keith Miller, AE3D will teach Chapter 9, Electrical and RF Safety on June 3
We will start the test review sometime on June 3rd, and continue the review with a second session June 10th, which is also a testing day.

If you missed week one, its not to late to start. Just email me at if you want to join the class.

Keith, AE3D