WA7BNM's Contesting Calendar


The contest calendar that everyone uses is at:


It is compiled by Bruce Horn, WA7BNM.

There promises to be something for everyone.

If you get on the air, and you wonder about what the heck is going on, listen listen listen. Then visit the calendar and see what is scheduled to be happening.

Then get N1MM+ downloaded from https://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-index.php

and jump in!

If you need help getting going. Post it here or on the Elmer forum.

Remember, contest do not happen on the 12m, 17m, 30m, or 60m bands.

73 and Good DX,

Doug NA1DX

I agree with Doug. This is a very valuable resource for making QSOs during contests whether your contesting or just trying to get the DX station in your log. It tells you what the required exchange is for a QSO.

73 & Yours, Aye!
Jim - N3ADF