MFJ 464


Does anyone have any expererience with this?

Doug: I operate CW, but haven't had any experience with CW readers except I was reviewing Yaesu's FTdx1200 HF transceiver specifications and noticed it offers a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) audio spectrum analysis accessory (FFT-1) that assists in reading CW. Of course the chance that you own that transceiver is small, but it may show the processing used by another company to help read CW.

CWGet integrates well with N1MM+. CWSkimmer is a better decoder and provides a telnet server of spots that can be used by N1MM+, HRD, Win4K3 and other apps that can access a DXCluster. CWSkimmer is the most useful tool. It can also allow the non cw op do CW decoding like PSK or other digital modes.

CW is the oldest digital mode.